Attention! Mentors, Coaches & Experts…
Let your knowledge earn for you

Get everything to convert your hobby, skills, experiences & expertise into a six-figure course in just 30 days or less.

This is becoming the new currency?

Did you know that the knowledge industry is the 2nd largest industry to witness a boom after the health industry during these uncertain times? People spent thousands without giving a second thought about their buying decision. Thus, making it a US $366.8 Billion industry, which is kinda crazy. Do you know why?

Because, sitting back home they realized the need to upgrade themselves, polish their skills and learn new things. Knowledge is the new currency.

Nowadays, People are more likely to spend with you if-

Or a course/ masterclass/ training on almost any other thing. You name it, and the market is already responding to it.

Ride the tide before the shores are too crowded…

“NOW” is the best time in the history of mankind to sell your knowledge online because people have never been so receptive to learning new things ever before. The market is already primed to spend on learning something new.

After serving more than 101 knowledge-preneurs, we shortlisted 5 common things that made the majority of them experience success online-


How to know if this business is for you?

By now it must be clear in your head that there is so much that you can do just by sharing what you already know. You don’t have to be an expert. You just have to be good enough to teach someone what you already know.

Here’s how you can understand that this business is for you-

If the answer to any of the above points is yes, then you are born to share your knowledge with the world.

Here’s how you can leverage this opportunity…

How to turn your knowledge into a highly profitable business? Worry not. We have crafted a foolproof strategy that has already worked for 101 knowledge-preneurs like you. Now, it’s your turn…


Get hand-held support from the best of the mentors from all over the country & overcome every hurdle you might face to cover your next milestone.


Get a complete business tool to host your courses online and operate it smoothly, without you spending hours of your time in it’s management & creation.

Marketing Tools

Get the expert insights on what's happening in the field of marketing around the globe & implement them in your business to experience exponential growth

What Happens Inside Each program?

Curious about what your success roadmap looks like when you join any of the Mentogram programs? Here’s a quick overview of your journey after you are in-

Step 1: Mentoring to prepare you and your knowledge product for the launch.

Step 2: Create the tech to put your business on auto-pilot.

Step 3: Marketing support that makes you market-ready.

Step 4: Monthly launch-kit and growth calls to help you scale up.


Learn from the best mentors who will guide you from their experiences


Implement the best of the business moves to grow your business each passing day.


Network with people who match your vibe & help you grow.


Create a positive impact in the life of others and leave an evergreen legacy behind.

Find The Tribe That Matches Your Vibe

Choose amongst the best of the memberships to help you sell your knowledge online without any prior marketing experience, without big ad budgets, and without a heavy technical setup.

Step-by-step guide to launch your coaching business online

For experts, trainers, course-creators or aspiring mentors

Step-by-step guide to launch your online academy

For training institutes and knowledge entrepreneurs

India's biggest Passion To Profit Heist!

For Bangalore based experts and coaches

Coach Online Mastery

For current or aspiring corporate or ICF coaches

See How People Like You Are Monetizing Their Knowledge With Mentogram
(Hear from our previous attendees)
High Quality, Low Price

“It takes usually me more than 2-3 months to make a buying decision of this sort. But with Mentogram, I took this decision in less than a week. This is the most wholesome program I have ever participated in. I have recovered my investment with Mentogram in just 2-months. Finally I can see my ideas taking shapes”

Recruitment Training Academy, HR Consultancy Firm
Will Get It Again, Finally An Implementation based program!

“Unlike other programs where they just provide knowledge, Mentogram's programs are unique and implementation based. The progress I have made so far makes all that risk worthy of taking”

Varsha Ganesh, NLP Trainer

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Put your online business into auto-pilot

Learn the exact process of putting your knowledge business on auto-pilot. If your business can’t run without you, then you are still an employee and not a business owner

Learn how to

1. Steps to grow your audience
2. How to target the right leads?
3. Convert visitors into leads​