Onboarding Agreement

1. All course content provided to Mentogram by the expert is owned solely by the expert and can be published on any platform of their choice. Mentogram will not use any of the content for promotions or marketing before the approval of the content owner.

2. Onboarding support is an additional bonus we are offering. We will provide samples and templates for you guys to fill and select and we will help you set-up. We won’t offer any web design/development support or content writing support. However, if you want more custom support for your website you can consider joining our VIP Member package.

3. On termination of membership all club benefits will immediately stop. There will be a 1-month grace period in which your website and platform running on Mentogram will be live provided you are interested to continue the membership.

4. If you are not satisfied or seeing growth by being part of our club then you can raise a refund request and we will refund you the fees of the months left in your membership deducting the additional Mentocoins used.

Case 1: No use of Mentocoins:
If you have not used any Mentocoins during the term of your membership then the deduction will be zero from the refund amount.

Case 2: Partial use of Mentocoins:
If you have used Mentocoins more than your membership tenure on a month-by-month basis then the monetary value of additional Mentocoins during the term of your membership will be deducted.

Case 3: Full use of Mentocoins
If you have used all your Mentocoins, then the monetary value of additional Mentocoins based on months used in your membership will be deducted.

For e.g. if you become a pro member (INR 80,000/year) from July 2021 and raise a refund request in December 2021, then we will refund you the fees from January 2022 – June 2022 (6-months) i.e 50% of the membership fees in this case

Case 1: Usage of 0 Mentocoins
Refund amount = 40,000(50%) – 0 = 20,000 INR

Case 2: Usage of more than half of Mentocoins
Let’s assume you have used 1000 Mentocoins
Additional mentocoins used: 1000 – 750 = 250 Mentocoins
Refund amount = (40,000(50%)) – 2500 (value of 250 Mentocoins) = 17,500 INR

Case 3: Full usage of Mentocoins (750 in this case)
Pro plan Mentocoins annual limit = 1500
6-months usage limit = 750 (depends on your membership tenure)
Let’s assume you have used all your mentocoins i.e 1500 for pro plan
Additional mentocoins used: 1500 – 750 = 750 Mentocoins
Refund amount = (40,000(50%)) – 7500 (value of 750 Mentocoins) = 12,500 INR

5. Your own custom domain on Mentogram (xyz.mentogram.com) will be provided to all members for free. If you have your own domain name, the team can transfer your online system to the same

6. After you cover your initial investment, Mentogram will recover the scholarship amount in the form of commissions upto 15% from your sales

7. All payments are required to be done in full and joining the program you are bound to make the full payment

– If due to any reason you are unable to pay the full amount in the beginning an EMI option can be provided on a case by case basis

8. Terms of EMI:
A. You are legally bound to pay the amount in full based on your offered EMI period
B. For Pro plan you will get your custom server on your own domain only when you have completed 50% of the EMI.

9. The Mentogram meet video conferencing is in beta and testing is going on right now and Mentogram takes no liability in any glitches or any financial loss you bear during the call

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