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But, before you jump over and start reading this further, it’s highly recommended to read the previous blog  The guide to a perfect product launch which will help you get the basics of the described Launch Party formula clear that will help you grasp this blog more efficiently.



Hopefully, if you’re reading this I assume  you must be having an overview of the basic components of The Launch Party Framework. If it’s still a NO,  hit this link and get the basics clear- https://mentogram.com/a-guide-to-a-perfect-product-launch/


It’s all because we want you to witness a Perfect and successful product launch. 

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Pre-launch of your product: The Trailer Method

A pre-launch is the preparation for the launch of a new product or a new campaign. You know. Why is it important? 


  • It creates the much-needed hype around your launch.

  • It helps you to establish much of the credibility needed.

  • A well-executed pre-launch will overcome all the objections before they even arise.

  • Maximum communication becomes possible only at the pre-launch stage.

  • You can literally seed the plant of your product in the pre-launch phase and witness a fruitful launch.

So, now after understanding the importance of the pre-launch phase, let’s dive into the process and learn about it. At Mentogram, we call it The Trailer Methods of pre-launching. 

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The TTM method (i.e The Trailer Method) is a tried and tested, well-researched, and properly documented process of launching any event/product or course with a greater success possibility if executed well. 

To make it very simple, let’s understand via a trailer. Which recent trailer made you jump off your seat and buy those tickets or maybe renew your Netflix account just to watch that movie/web series? How did they do that and moreover, how exciting will it be if your audience shows the same level of excitement to buy from you? Looks like a distant dream, doesn’t it? That’s why the TTM method is here, to make that dream a reality. 


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It starts with 3 pieces of content that includes the beginning, middle and end. 

Don’t get confused. It might look like scattered pieces of the puzzle right now, but when you put them together, it’s all fruitful and sorted. Like the importance of every piece of the puzzle can’t be ignored, similarly,every phase plays an important role in making your pre-launch party turn into a grand success. All you need to do is to play with some mental triggers. 

Let’s go back to your favorite trailer again. Take out a pen and paper and start answering these questions-

  1. What made you hook/stop that scroll and watch it for a while?

  2. Why were you interested to know the full story?

  3. What was the unspoken promise made in the trailer regarding the movie’s content? 

Now the question is, how are you going to implement these psychological triggers to make them crave for your product? 

Let’s break down all the 3 stages so that you can implement the same for your pre-launch event- 

  1. How did the trailer make you stop the scroll and hold your attention in the very first encounter? 

What they did- The movie trailer was designed in such a way that captivates your curiosity right from the very beginning till the very end. It was done in such a condensed framework that they were successfully able to catch hold of your attention towards their product, i.e. the movie. 

How they did- they used CURIOSITY as the psychological trigger.

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How you can do it in your marketing piece-  You need to catch hold of the curiosity factor of your targeted customers in such a structured way that they just can’t wait for the final product. You can do this by showing the most unforgettable feature and eye-captivating scenes without revealing the main story. Put an element of surprise. Break the pattern. If it is a Facebook ad, make it visually mysterious. Force them to get curious about your product/unique formula/revolutionary new diet-plan etc and tell them why it is the biggest secret that they should care about.  

There are two broad mediums of reaching out to your audience-

  • Organic medium (content marketing)

The first and the most common way of reaching out to your audience is to provide useful and enriching content to your clients. One easy way but it may require some effort from your side is to use emails or DMs etc. 

  • Paid medium (ad strategy)

Another way is to make use of the Ad-content.  Advertisements might seem like a disturbing element for some. However, what about if the ad speaks of something that catches your attention, then you just can’t afford to miss it, right? 

  1. How did they make you care about their stories (and how you can make your audience care about yours)?

What they do- Well you watched the whole trailer you had no connection with, right? But have you ever wondered why? It’s because they made you care about their story by offering them what they have for you. Here they entertained you for a condensed time frame and on top of that left a thinking seed in your brain of what will happen next. And if you need to figure that out you have to watch the full movie on the release date. 

How they do- They show what’s in it for you. They give you a reason for why you should care and then they make sure to justify it. 

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How can you do it in your marketing piece-  To make sure your customers care about your offerings, provide them with reasons on why they should buy your product and then justify it by giving them value for free, showing them what they will lose if they don’t consider your offer. You need to show what you have on your plate for your customers. After catching their curiosity in the first stage for a while you need to show them what you have for them. You can also do it by showing what your talent is and why it is crucial for their survival. Make them feel that they can’t do it without YOU. Thus, build your presence in their eyes. 

3. What unspoken promise did they make about the movie’s content that made you buy the tickets (and how can you use the same trick to make your audience buy your tickets)? 

What they do- Recall the trailer for one last time. How did they frame things to build a meaningful story which planted a strong question in your mind and left it unanswered. Wait, it doesn’t just end there. If the movie is coming from a good production house or produced by well-tested producers/directors then that also strengthens the promise made. How? Because that production house or person is already known for making good movies, it goes without saying that any of their new movies will always be better than the old ones. Hence, drawing you more towards the movie. 

How they do- They give you enough to be curious but keep the rest of the story as a mystery. What is the promise that they make? Once you watch the movie, you will be able to get answers to all the questions arising in your mind right now. Then, they make the promise stronger by showing the reputation of the production house it is coming from (ex- Marvel studio). They also use reviews and ratings from other major critics, magazines, and box office collections (If it gets released in some country before the other) to strengthen the promise. All of it, just to prove that the audience will not regret buying the tickets. 

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How can you do it in your marketing piece- You need to realize how trailers made you curious about the movie. Similarly, here you also need to make your clients curious enough so that they end up buying the final product from you. You need to build up the authority and the trust factor towards your product. This can be easily done through testimonials, impactful case studies. Thus making your customers feel you are offering trustworthy and much-needed things. 

Well, launching a product is a critical milestone but hopefully by now as you are finally launch ready you need to understand that launching your product is a big moment for your business. Just you need to make sure to unleash your product right, and you’ll make the future a lot easier for your launch. While a successful product launch require an effective planning it requires a great deal of time and resources but you know what you’ll likely see the return on investment if the right steps are undertaken.

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