Just Imagine if you are launching a product without spreading any word in the market, will people tend to buy it? Will anyone even like to spend money on an unknown product and will take the risk to use it?

Absolutely not!

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So, what do you need to do to spread the word and perfectly launch your product in the market?

To make your customers crave for your offerings you need to first create enough buzz by establishing the “THE EXCLUSIVE” image of your product in the market before it’s launch.

Here, exclusive means to make your customers understand that your product is the only product available in the market which holds a potential to solve a particular problem existing in their life. Because they care about their problems and how your product is going to fit into their life. 

So, by now you must be clear that a successful product launch starts with creating BUZZZ!!!

If you doubt even now why creating a buzz is important for a product launch. Read this! 

What’s a movie without a trailer? You must have noticed that it’s often natural for the movie makers to launch a trailer before the actual release of the movie. Maybe a trailer six months before with TV ads popping up and finally the cast tour to various talk shows. Nowadays, social media campaigns are leading the game. And, after all this, a movie becomes Launch Ready

Now, you must be thinking “but that’s the case for movies. It doesn’t happen the same way for businesses.” Well, what do you have to say about the Apple product’s launch every time?

It’s All About BUZZZZ!!!

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They too have a massive campaign till the release date. Well, ever wondered, why is it done? Creating enough of the buzz and excitement, building huge anticipation that surrounds the launch, and finally revealing the product in front of the world. 

You must be wondering how to do it? 

Have you ever come across those salesy and irritating internet marketers who

jump on your news feed, interrupt your entertainment session, and ask you to

buy from them without even justifying the reason?

It is so irritating, isn’t it? I’m sure you don’t want to come up to your audience

looking like them, do you?

All they are doing is using HOPE MARKETING!!

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 Hope is really a powerful word that positively impacts people’s lives but in business, it’s just the opposite. 

Yes, it is! 

Can hope alone help build your new business? Of course not. It’s you who needs to take charge of your success. This is where the success mantra of big movies and the Apple pre-launch campaigns lies. All they do is try their ability to craft their pre-launch events in such a way that the required momentum for the actual launch is already built up backstage. 

Okay, now just think about your launch strategy. By now you must have figured it out that all successful launches follow a framework. But, what is that framework? How will you get the secret to a successful launch?


The secret is The Launch Party Framework.

Now, you must be wondering what this Launch Party Framework is? The Launch Party Framework is a documentation of all the best launches that have ever happened in any part of the world. It will work for anyone who is selling anything on the surface of the earth. 

Being tried and tested by millions this Launch party Framework has been formulated with careful planning which is sure to prove beneficial for any business type whether big or small. Needless to mention that it has to be carried out systematically to ensure that customers receive the product positively. 

This Launch Party Framework is a simple two-step process and for today, this blog illustrates the basic components of the framework. 

Understanding the components of A Perfect Product Launch/

The Launch Party Framework 

Before explaining the formula you need to understand the components of this formula. Hence, let’s first get the basics of the formula clear. For this, you need to understand and analyze some important terms so that you grasp The Launch Party Formula efficiently.

Component 1: Authority

So what does creating authority actually mean? It’s all about knowing your strengths and playing to them. In the book, Epic Content Marketing, Joe Pulizzi talks about an example of a pet store. The owner decided that it’d be almost impossible to become an authority in the Pet Supplies marketplace. Too broad and too competitive a category. However, if they honed their focus and played to their strengths, they could become experts in another niche i.e. “Pet Travel Advice Business”. It may sound too specific, and you know, that’s why it works.  

Leading product design and development without official authority

Component 2: Anticipation/ curiosity

Anticipation/ curiosity is the missing ingredient of marketing. Our human brain craves closing the loop of curiosity. It’s like a pizza to your brain. Your brain just can’t ignore it. A perfect mixture of curiosity in any of your marketing pieces will always prove to be successful in gaining even your most distracted audience’s attention. 

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Let’s again look at Apple’s Marketing Strategy, everyone knows that Apple releases dramatic teasers and trailers to increase the anticipation. Building enough hype just before the launch of any gadget is one reason Apple is one of the most profitable companies in the world.

Component 3: COMMUNITY

“We’re social animals,” says Andra. Brands that have taken a human approach in presenting themselves to the world, are winning. When a brand focuses on building a community and not just followership of inactive followers, they are building an asset that will protect the brand through good and bad. Building a community gives them a sense of being part of something bigger than them. 

Let’s take a practical example of Diets. When it seems like everyone is adopting a certain diet, people become more likely to try the diet themselves. Thus, it becomes clear that people act in ways they think their community expects them to act. Similarly, it will act for your product pre-launch too.

Component 4: FOMO

What makes diamonds the most precious gem on earth? Simple, you might not find another one anywhere in the world. It’s rare, hence it’s precious. In psychology, it is called the FOMO effect. When you know it’s rare, it becomes important to you. FOMO stands for the fear of missing out which is one of the many psychological triggers humans can’t help responding to. 

The Launch Party Formula Is A 2 Step Process

Step 1 (For Pre-launch): Curiosity + FOMO = Undivided Attention (for setting up the stage)

Step 2 (For Launch & beyond): Authority + Community = Raving Customer Fan Base For Life 


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This formula will not only work for your launch event but literally convince anyone for anything. Whether you want to launch your product, a course, sell out all your event’s seats or convince your crush to go on a date with you. Why is this formula so powerful?

This formula is a result of deep psychological research that is known to manipulate human decisions since the birth of mankind. History is proof that great rulers like Alexander The Great also used the same tactic to build their empire across the world when nobody even knew how big the world was. 

That’s all for today!

Let’s continue this secret recipe in the next blog! Hope you enjoyed reading this blog and are extremely excited to read the second part. Are you?

See you in the second part!

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