About Us

We envision a world where access to quality mentorship and college education becomes a fundamental right of people. We are building the Workforce of Tomorrow, TODAY!

Our Story

We believe our higher education system is in crisis: tuition costs are soaring, 40% of students are dropping out from US colleges, and half of alumni doubt the worth of their degrees. Why invest six figures in a university degree when much of the learning can be accessed for free on platforms like YouTube and Google? This led us to dig deeper, revealing that our current education system is based on the factory model designed for producing factory workers 200 years ago.

We founded Mentogram to provide an affordable and practical university education. Our mission is to bridge the gap between academia and industry, offering innovative education that prepares students for success in the modern world.

By combining mentoring with great education, we believe that we can empower individuals to reach their full potential and help build the workforce of the future. Our affordable, industry embedded, experiential and mentor-led programs has been designed to create impact at scale for our clients and partners.


Bridge the $8.5tn industry-academia skills gap through mentor-led education programs.


By 2026 we would like to empower 1 million learners to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Our Philosophy

We want to provide education programs that helps our learners succeed in their career and life beyond exams and grades.

Every learner is unique

We understand that each learner is distinct, and learners can create their personalised journey based on their needs and preferences.

Soft skills are power skills

Soft skills such as communication and critical thinking are essential for success, and we prioritize their development alongside academic knowledge

Mentor-led learning is one of the best path to life and career success

We believe in the power of mentors to guide learners towards success in both their personal and professional journeys.

Accelerators are the future of learning

We embrace providing immersive project based learning experiences and preparing learners for the challenges of tomorrow.

Meet The Founders

Our team is growing along with our customer’s list. We are a crew of growth hackers and tech-geeks who are passionate about helping experts impact the world with the expertise they have. If you have something to share with the world, we will be your medium to reach every corner of it. Let’s ride the tide together!

Siddharth Dangi
Founder & Chief Executive Officer

BTech | 5+ years of experience in product management in GSK, YARA, NTUC | IIT JEE (Adv) AIR: 2601 | NTU Scholar

Siddharth Dangi

Chief Operating Officer

BTech | 5+ years of experience in product management in GSK, YARA, NTUC | IIT JEE (Adv) AIR: 2601 | NTU Scholar

Trusted by world's leading brands

Meet our Backers

Key individuals who guide us through our program development and business strategies.

Edmund Tan
Investor, Advisor & Board Member in Yuvo | ex-Consultant to MNCs and Public Organisations
Sunil Kamath
ex-CBO of Koo | ex-CBO of Sharechat (Currently valued at $5bn) | Angel Investor
Subra Shankhar
Ex-MD of Intel Singapore | ex-Director of BANSEA | Founder TOTTA and Nua Gleann Ventures
John Lim
Partner at Meet Ventures | Corporate-startup innovation | ex-Consultant at KPMG | SG Innovate
Rajesh Kannan
CEO of Spekond Technologies | 25+ years of experience as fractional CTO for pre-seed and seed startups
Farhan Firdaus
Advisory Board Member at Singapore Polytechnic | ex-Advisor for MOE Singapore | Guest Lecturer

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