About Us

There’s a better way to grow your online mentoring empire. That’s why Mentogram was born!

About US

There’s a better way to grow your online mentoring empire. That’s why Mentogram was born!

Our Story

The whole idea was to start an online wellness business initially. But during the journey we realized the whole process of building the platform, creating content, setting up countless integrations, running advertisements, and still not getting conversions was overwhelming, tedious, and EXPENSIVE.

So after 6-months of research, we built Mentogram taking cues from our own pain points in this journey and insights from our own mentors. We want to help people with expertise so easy that they can focus on delivering exceptional online experiences without needing to worry about the tech or wasting their time on unsuccessful marketing strategies.


Empower 1million online mentors by 2024 to launch their online mentoring clubs to help them make an impact.


Help experts around the world follow their passion and help them make an impact. 

Meet the Team

Our team is growing along with our customer’s list. We are a crew of growth hackers and tech-geeks who are passionate about helping experts impact the world with the expertise they have. If you have something to share with the world, we will be your medium to reach every corner of it. Let’s ride the tide together!

Siddharth Dangi


Ex-product owner for app that crossed 2 million in users, IIT JEE AIR: 2601, NTU Scholar

Moinak Sarkar

Operations Lead

Finance and Business Grad from Murdoch University with prior startup experience

Aman Sinha

Business Lead

Communications major graduate produced own short films, startup experience

Sayan Dutta

Mentor Success Lead

CS major graduate, Figma & Adobe Expert, startup experience

Suraj Kumar

Digital Marketing Lead

6+ years of sales and marketing experience in reputed firms like Samsung

Aditya Raja

Growth Lead

4xTEDx Speaker. Stoa Fellow, Applied Psychologist

Pratiksha Upadhyay

Content Writer Lead

Experienced in the field of media and official Media Co-Ordinator of NSS, BBDU

Mina Afridi

Social Media Marketer

 2.5 Years experienced in
Social Media Marketing

Sayan Ghosh

Design and video Lead

Experienced in Video Editing and Designing 

Diptyajit Banerjee

Web and Graphic Designer

Trainee with the Experience in Designing the User Interface .

Partha Gorain

Web Designer

Experienced in Web Design and CSS Experts 

Meet our Advisors & Partners

Our team is a perfect blend of young and energetic minds working complimentary under the mentorship of our advisors and partners to achieve a common mission to increase Mentor/capita in the world. We have an army of 50+ top-quality experienced mentors who are having a great personal brand in the online space. 

John Lim

Advisor & Partner

Partner at Meet Ventures | TedEx Speaker

Shobha Managoli

Mentoring Lead

Women Mentor Details – Head Parenting Practice & Corporate Mentor

Farhan Firdaus

Advisor & Partner

Partner at Meet Ventures | COG Fellow | BOD for Govt & NGOs 

Hasit Dangi

Advisor & Partner

CxO level Business Transformation Leader | PhD, MSc with MIT Sloan MBA

Mahendra Devlekar

Mindset Mentor

Award-winning speaker and an internationally recognised leader in personal development and peak performance strategies

Vivek Trivedi

Mentoring Lead

Founder, CEO at Shikshakji.com,  LinkedIn Influencer with 33000 Followers and Startup Coach

Sanjeev Bhatia

Leadership Mentor

ACC-ICF Leadership Coach, Transformation Coach for Organizations & Individuals

Manoj Gupta

Branding Mentor

Brand Consultant for India’s top food brands like Haldirams 

Our partners:
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