Partner with Mentogram to upskill, power universities & high schools, make affordable education, meet UN SDGs & governmental goals.

Governmental partners can take advantage of any of the following opportunities.

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Trusted by:

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Help national universities offer more programs to students through partnerships with international universities
no Publicize affordable programs to potential students to make college more accessible
no Encourage students to enroll in great technical training which leads to a job
no Implement a mentoring program for students of all ages to grow the skills which lead to success in life
no Strengthen high schools through partnerships and curriculum alignment with US high schools
no Let us do the work to help you better understand the needs of universities, students, and employers and design systems which lead to better performance by all

Benefits of working with Mentogram

Multiple certificate and degree options

Vetted providers

Straight-forward agreements

We work with you to strengthen the education and economy of the country

Partnerships with international universities

Customized solutions

Work with experienced leaders who seek the best for your country

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