Alumni-student mentoring

Alumni-student mentoring

Benefits of Alumni-student Mentoring

An alumni-student mentoring program connects current students with alumni to provide career guidance and support. Alumni mentors share professional experiences, advice on job search strategies, and networking opportunities while helping students develop critical skills like communication and leadership. Meetings can be virtual or in-person. Alumni can also give back to the institution by supporting the next generation of students.

Improve employability of students as majority of entry level jobs are referral or word-of-mouth.

Create more successful student experiences and educational outcomes.

Alumni who participated in mentoring programs were more likely to be better spokesperson for their alma mater.

Alumni can stay connected with their alma mater.

"56% of alumni who had been mentors made a gift to their alma mater, compared to only 35% of those who had not been mentors."

Implement Alumni-student Mentoring Programme

Alumni Leadership Certification

Leadership certification in mentoring which can which can help alumni demonstrate their abilities to empower and positively influence others while greatly benefiting them in their professional lives.  Additionally, it can strengthen the alumni network, with certified alumni serving as ambassadors for the institution and supporting the next generation of students or mentees.

Alumni-student matching

Streamline the process of identifying suitable mentors and mentees based on shared interests, academic goals, and other relevant criteria. Mentoring circle is a valuable tool for building strong communities that support the academic and personal development of all students.

Automate Workflows

Our platform can also provide a central hub for communication between alumni and students, making it easier for them to stay in touch, set goals, and track progress.

Reward program participants

Our platform can incentivize engagement through a point system that rewards faculty and students for attending meetings, achieving goals, giving feedback, and participating in professional development. Points can be redeemed for prizes or recognition, and a leaderboard can motivate active participation.

Ready to launch a Alumni-student mentoring programme?

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