Career mentoring

Benefits of Career Mentoring for professional associations

By offering a career mentoring programme, the association can provide an added value to its members, which can be a compelling reason for individuals to join the community. Members may see the mentoring programme as an opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge, as well as to connect with like-minded individuals in the community.

Enhance the value and sense of community within a group, which may lead to increased engagement and participation.

May help to attract and retain members within the community.

Serve as a way for the community to promote its activities and initiatives.

The mentors themselves can also serve as ambassadors for the community and help to spread the word about its activities and initiatives.

"74% of associations with mentoring programs reported higher member engagement, compared to 44% of associations without mentoring programs."

Implement Career Mentoring Programme

Mentor Training Workshops

Members may not possess the necessary skills, so training on active listening, goal-setting, providing feedback, and fostering growth mindset is essential. The training can help faculty understand challenges faced by members and how to address them, promoting academic and personal success.

Mentor-mentee matching

Streamline the process of identifying suitable mentors and mentees based on shared interests, academic goals, and other relevant criteria. Mentoring circle is a valuable tool for building strong communities that support the academic and personal development of all students.

Automate Workflows

Our platform can also provide a central hub for communication between faculties and students, making it easier for them to stay in touch, set goals, and track progress.

Reward program participants

Our platform can incentivize engagement through a point system that rewards faculty and students for attending meetings, achieving goals, giving feedback, and participating in professional development. Points can be redeemed for prizes or recognition, and a leaderboard can motivate active participation.


Ready to launch a Career mentoring programme?

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