Climate Change – Another reminder

The Fact: January 2024 was the world’s hottest January ever recorded.

The Cause: The principle driver of this warmth is no mystery to scientists. The burning of fossil fuels, deforestation, and other human activities have driven temperatures steadily up for more than a century.

The oceans absorb the great majority of the extra heat that greenhouse gases in the atmosphere trap near the earth’s surface, making them a reliable gauge of how much and how quickly we are warming the planet. Warmer oceans provide more fuel for hurricanes and storms causing massive flooding and damage which disrupts our life.

The Solution: Rapid reductions in greenhouse gas emissions are the only way to stop global temperatures increasing.

What we can do: At, we believe we (businesses and individuals) can all play a part in slowing down the impact of climate change.


Australia records its 8th warmest year

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