ESG Reporting for SMEs

Singapore, Jan 5: A group of Adult Educators with years of practical industry experience as well as an intimate understanding of the SME landscape has launched the SME ESG Reporting programme. This is in response to the market’s increasing demand for sustainable business practices based on environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria.

 “The ESG reporting journey can be daunting for SMEs. Our goal is to empower them with straightforward guidance that is structured and practical for SMEs to navigate the process of tracking and reporting their ESG performance,” said Sustainability Consultant FT Liu.

SMEs have a need for practical guidance and pragmatic approaches that consider SME-specific challenges and opportunities.

The SME ESG Reporting Programme is designed specifically to provide guidance to SMEs looking to embed ESG into their business strategies and processes. It provides SMEs with access to in-person training and consulting as well as on-going mentoring to guide SMEs in developing their ESG reports. The programme also aims to facilitate learning and sharing of experiences through a community of SME practitioners facing similar challenges in implementing ESG reporting.

“We not only provide simple, practical, and structured guidance for SMEs but we also make sure they are able to produce and maintain the most commonly required ESG reports,” added Mr. Liu.

For more information on how to get your ESG Reporting done, please reach out to

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