How to convince your buyer to buy your course or coaching program

“Maybe use a direct approach?”

Oh No! Please don’t do that! 

“Email or cold marketing?” 

Definitely a useful exercise but a risky and highly uncertain way to start convincing!

Let me explain to you some points about the course marketing and certain useful course selling strategies that can be used. Are you ready to read them all? Let’s convince your buyer to buy your course…

  1. Follow the Blue Ocean Strategy
  2. Provide something of value for free
  3. Tell them something they don’t know.
  4. Treat time as money because actually, it is.
  5. Play with the power of trust

1. Follow the blue ocean strategy

Red Ocean vs. Blue Ocean Strategy: Characteristics, Challenges, and Opportunities

Ever came across this book “The Blue Ocean Strategy” by Renée Mauborgne and W. Chan Kim. What it talks about is… 

There are two types of oceans namely Red and Blue.

Red is a bloody ocean in which there is heavy competition among the sellers. And, there exists a price game, and ultimately due to the heavy competition and the price war no one can survive. 

On the contrary, there exists a blue ocean in which there is not much competition. The seller can easily charge whatever price he likes because there is only one single product that the seller is selling. 

You need to be a part of the blue ocean. Thus, you need to make the buyers feel that you and your online course/product is the only product available in the market. 

Therefore, you need to shift or jump into the blue ocean. You need to build your own empire. Because at the end of the day you want them to pay the amount you want. 

2. Provide something of value for free

You must have seen many offers running in the shops that state “BUY 2 GET 2 FREE”

Ever wondered why brands adopt this technique and what;’s the rationale behind this is? It’s nothing but the principle of reciprocity. The principle of reciprocity states that

‘When someone does something nice for you it creates an urge for you to do something nice in return

And, it made me realize the fact that this will definitely prove helpful in selling your course to your buyers… 

If you provide something of value for free. For example, providing the first module of your online course for free. It not only convinces and motivates them to use your services but this is another way to bind the customer to use your product. Therefore, this is another course selling strategy that can be adopted by you which might help in boosting your sales.

3. Tell them something they don’t know.

Creating an online course is one thing. But, convincing people to buy your course holds a different story. Creating a course with such content that resonates with your audience is the secret recipe. Your course must hold such content that people actually want to read. A content that not only solves their problem but also helps them find a solution. Along with it, they can learn something new and fresh. To be specific, show them the content and make them learn something they don’t know. It’s because once people get to know that you have something that they aren’t aware of they will definitely turn to you and will ask for it.

But, remember Just show, don’t tell.

4. Treat Time as money because actually, it is

Time Is Money | FLP Financial Group, LLC##

People usually have an attention span of less than a goldfish.  So, you only have the first two to five seconds to grasp your viewer’s attention. It’s similar to that of a movie trailer. Just like any movie trailer catches viewer’s attention in seconds, the same works for your online course too. 

You know what it means to you.? 

Your online course needs to be structured in a short, interesting and crisp manner.  Structuring content In  shorter videos will not only help them grasp the concept faster but will also help them save their time. 

It is because all people want is to save their time and get out-of-the-box results. And if your product is capable of saving people’s time and fulfilling the requirements you have already won half of the game.

5. Play with the power Of Trust:

Well, do you remember when you switched from your existing brand or the shop for buying a particular product?  

Probably you wouldn’t and you are already using the same. Do you know why? It’s because that brand has gained the trust and now is proven in terms of quality in your eyes. 

Similarly, while convincing your target customers you need to build up trust in your course/product in such a way that not only it proves to be trustworthy but also becomes a brand in your customer’s eyes. 

Many pieces of research have shown that

83% of customers recommend the product they believe is trustworthy.

You can do this by getting testimonials from other people or students sharing their success stories can turn out to be a brownie point. 


Trust and proof are going to be your best friends


So, to convince your audience to buy your online course. Here is the final thought. 

If the result or the outcome of your online course promises is not clear it will not be a clear buying decision for your potential customers. Observing the buying behaviour of the users, answering all the possible questions that the potential customer may arise to you hence leaving no room for questions in advance can actually work wonders. Adopting mindful course selling strategies and marketing the product in a planned manner will help you generate leads.

Finally, You need to understand that while there are millions of online courses being available on established platforms, creating and launching a new product in the market is really not easy but it’s not impossible either. All you need to do is open up room for conversations and make things happen. 

If you provide just the same as what others are providing, then it seems to be a tough task but if you provide some valuable content, convincing the buyers is child play. 

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