Sustainability Reports Library – Singapore Companies

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Reporting is an opportunity for companies to show transparency about their ESG commitment and increase trust with consumers and employees. SGX has required listed companies in Singapore to publish their ESG Reports. Following this is a summary and links to the published reports of Singapore Listed Companies. They serve as a reference for those planning to issue their own ESG reports.

INDUSTRY: F&B | Liquor

Ascent Bridge 2023

INDUSTRY: Industrial | Aerospace

A-Sonic Aerospace 2021

INDUSTRY: Industrial | Construction

BBR Holdings 2022

Boldtek Holdings 2022

Ocean Sky International Ltd 2022

INDUSTRY: Industrial | Energy

Charisma Energy 2021

INDUSTRY: Industrial | Engineering Services

Acrometa Group 2022

Aedge Group 2023

Alpina Holdings 2021

Asiatic Group 2021

BH Global 2022

Chasen Group GRI TCFD 2023

China Kunda GRI 2022

*CIVMEC GRI 2022 Landscape


Nordic Group 2020

PEC Ltd 2023

INDUSTRY: Industrial | Environment

EcoWise 2023

INDUSTRY: Industrial | Facilities Management

Advancer Global Limited 2021

INDUSTRY: Industrial | Healthcare

Accrelist LTD 2023

INDUSTRY: Industrial | Logistics

Eneco Energy 2022

INDUSTRY: Industrial | Marine

Beng Kuang Marine 2022

INDUSTRY: Industrial | Materials

Asia Enterprises 2022

Asian Micro Holdings 2022

BRC Asia 2022

CFM Holdings 2022

INDUSTRY: Industrial | Precision


INDUSTRY: Industrial | Printing

Abundance International 2021

INDUSTRY: Industrial | Property

Bonvests Holdings 2021

*Boustead Projects Ltd 2023 Landscape

INDUSTRY: Industrial | Shipping

ASL Marine 2023

COSCO Shipping Integrated Report UNSDG 2022

Marco Polo Marine 2022

Nam Cheong Ltd 2022

Penguin International 2022

Samudera Shipping Line 2022

Singapore Shipping Corporation 2022

YangziJiang Shipbuilding 2021

INDUSTRY: Industrial | Transport

Comfort Delgro GRI UNGC SASB 2022

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